Desserts (Design Quarter)

  • Orange and Chocolate Sphere ~ SIGNATURE DESSERT

    • R79

    Dark chocolate sphere filled with chocolate cake,
    orange marmalade flavoured gelato and Cointreau chocolate sauce. 


  • White Chocolate and Pineapple

    • R69

    White chocolate mousse, vanilla roasted pineapple, kataifi crunch with honeycomb bites. 


  • Deconstructed Apple Crumble

    • R69

    Spiced poached apple, walnut crumble, vanilla gelato accompanied by a candied baby apple. 


  • Strawberry Bavarois

    • R69

    Set strawberry yoghurt, berry meringues, chocolate pearls with strawberry and mint salad. 


  • Classic Caramel Bruleé

    • R69

    Served with salted crumble and butterscotch sauce


  • Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce

    • R75

    Homemade pistachio gelato and fresh berries in a chocolate sphere served with a HOT chocolate sauce.


  • Deconstructed Crème Brûlée

    • R80

    Set almond infused custard topped with caramelised sugar, served with cinnamon sauce and cinnamon smoke.


  • Chocolate Fondant

    • R79

    Gooey centred chocolate cake, and vanilla gelato. 


  • The Rock Baklava

    • R79

    Baklava, white chocolate rose ganache, crushed pistachio and pistachio gelato. 


  • Lemon Cheesecake

    • R79

    Creamy lemon set cheesecake, on nutty crust with lemon curd and candied lemon peel. 



  • Chocolate Duo

    • R79

    Chocolate delice and hazelnut brownie, caramel popcorn with coffee reduction and vanilla gelato. 

  • Tropical Mille Feuille

    • R79

    Creamy banana custard between crispy puff pastry layers with fresh passionfruit, banana and mint. 


  • Cake of The Day

    • R65
  • Vaflaki

  • Plain Jane

    • R59


  • Double Trouble

    • R72


  • White Choc Sauce

    • R65
  • Milk Choc Sauce

    • R65

    1 scoop gelato R28 

    2 scoops gelato R50

    Homemade maple sauce R16 

    Homemade caramel sauce R16


  • Chicago Vaflaki

    • R99

    Twelve freshly baked mini waffles served with one scoop of homemade chocolate gelato, milk chocolate praline, whipped cream and caramel sauce.


  • Vaflaki Mix Thrill

    • R145

    Twelve freshly baked mini waffles served with milk and white chocolate, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, one scoop of homemade vanilla gelato, one scoop of homemade Mecrock gelato and a homemade maple sauce.


  • Gelato Bar

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches

    • R75

    Trio of mini ice cream sandwiches made with our homemade gelato.


  • ‘Fallen’ Ice Creams

    • R79

    Homemade ice cream cones overflowing with our homemade gelato and a variety of toppings and sauces. 


  • Just Gelato

    • 1 Scoop R29
    • 2 Scoops R50

    Served in a cup or our special coated cone (extra R15)

  • Gelato Toppings

    • R10

    Variety of sweets and biscuits, milk or white chocolate praline, whipped cream or homemade chocolate sauce. 


  • Gelato Shake

    • R60

    Milkshakes made with our homemade gelato flavours of the day.