Desserts (Kyalami)

  • Triple Chocolate Mousse

    • R68

    Layers of dark chocolate mousse, Amarula milk chocolate mousse
    and white chocolate and vanilla mousse served with sour cherries
    and whipped cream in a wafer basket.


  • Apple Crumble

    • R60

    Deconstructed, traditional slow-cooked apples with a walnut
    crumble topping, served with soft serve and garnished with
    a baby toffee apple.


  • Crème Brûlée

    • R75


    Set almond infused custard topped with caramelised sugar.


  • Mary’s Signature

    • R65

    Traditional Greek rice pudding infused with rosewater
    and cinnamon.


  • Ice Cream and Chocolate

    • R55

    Vanilla ice cream served in a wafer basket with chocolate sauce.


  • Banting Brownie

    • R55

    Be good to yourself, Xylitol based brownie, flaked almonds mix,
    baked and served with a side of whipped cream and strawberry


  • Cake of the Day

    • R60